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Jon Good Chocolates

Dragon Eggs

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If the Cadbury Bunny were a comparably-sized dragon, these are the eggs it would lay. Our creme-filled dragon eggs have a premium dark chocolate shell (63% cacao), are hand-painted with cocoa butter and natural pigments, and contain a creamy vanilla and orange fondant filling. They taste amazing. They look fabulous. They'd make a great addition to your easter basket, and will probably match your seder plate. 

If you think the creme eggs available at the pharmacy don't taste as good as you remember, you're correct! Cadbury's was acquired via hostile takeover in 2010, and their recipe was reformulated to use lower-quality ingredients. While we can't bring those old eggs back, Jon Good Chocolates has made creme eggs that are even better. (And they're even vegan!)

These chocolates contain no animal products and all ingredients are gluten-free, but they are made in a facility that also processes soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy. Each egg weighs about 45 grams (2 oz) and is about 6 cm long. 

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