The Coolest Chocolates in the Universe
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Jon Good's decade-long culinary career has left a trail of broken rules and a pile of innovations gleaned from breaking them. Our commitment to producing amazing, beautiful chocolate of the highest quality is the only rule we're interested in following. 

A giant nerd whose hunger for information is matched only by an appetite for delicious food, Jon Good started making chocolate after becoming interested in—then
obsessively researching—the unique properties of chocolate and cocoa butter crystallization. Noticing the similarity between professional silicone dessert molds and novelty silicone ice trays, Jon started painting and tempering cocoa butter onto spaceship-shaped ice trays, and the results were a smash hit across the whole internet. 


Many of Jon Good Chocolates' first customers and taste-testers followed vegan diets or otherwise didn't eat animal products, so Jon developed all his chocolates with vegan-friendly recipes, and created rich ganache fillings based on coconut oil instead of cream, and marshmallow easter eggs using garbanzo bean extract instead of gelatin. There is, however, one exception—the chocolate bacon truffles are, in fact, made with real bacon.

Jon Good produces chocolates at The Foodworks in Brooklyn, a shared commercial kitchen space which provides opportunities to food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Jon Good Chocolates is licensed to collect sales tax on all sales within New York State by the New York Dept. of Taxation and Finance, and its production has been inspected by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets